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 What You Can Do to End Abortion

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PostSubject: What You Can Do to End Abortion   Wed Nov 19, 2008 9:38 pm


You Can Save Someone’s Life Today!

Note: We are happy to offer this brochure as a four-page bulletin insert to parishes, free of charge, in whatever quantity they need. To see the brochure as it actually looks in print, Click here for a PDF version. (click on link above)

Below is the text content of the brochure:

You can save lives by helping to end abortion, which kills a baby every 23 seconds in America. Following are suggestions for legal, peaceful, effective activity. Do at least one of them today, and PLEASE COPY AND DISTRIBUTE THIS BROCHURE!

Any woman who is pregnant and in need can turn for help to the pro-life movement. She never has to feel that abortion is the only option. Publicize these helpful phone numbers, through which people anywhere in the country can find assistance. Pastors may want to place one of these numbers on their parish bulletin.

Carenet/Heartbeat 1-800-395-HELP
Crisis Pregnancy Helpline 1-888-4-OPTIONS
Birthright 1-800-550-4900
National Life Center 1-800-848-LOVE
Bethany Christians Services 1-800-238-4269

We who reject abortion do not reject those who have had abortions. Counseling, forgiveness, and healing can be found after abortion, and the following numbers can lead you to assistance:

Abortion Recovery Help 1-877-HOPE-4-ME or 1-800-5-WE-CARE. See for more information.

Please publicize these numbers! Pastors may want to place one of these numbers on their parish bulletin. Individuals should keep these numbers close at hand at all times. You may also inquire at these numbers as to how you can volunteer to assist those who provide alternatives to abortion and healing after abortion.
Some Basics about Abortion

Our website, receiving over 35,000 visitors a day, has become one of the leading resources for information. Visit us at

On this site you will find facts about abortion and what you can do to stop it. You will be able to listen to talks by our director, Fr. Frank Pavone, and hear from many other leaders as well. In particular, you will be able to see what abortion looks like. Visit

Although abortion is the most common surgery in America, most people never see what it looks like. The hearts and minds of most people who see it are changed forever. See for yourself!

Statistics from the Abortion industry

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, in 2005, 1.21 million abortions took place in the United States. Some 42,350 of these occurred on women who were 16 to 20 weeks pregnant; over 13,310 occurred on women who were 21 weeks or more into their pregnancy. According to CDC government data, over 64,000 abortions in a year are performed on women who had had three or more previous abortions.

From 1973 through 2005, more than 45 million legal abortions occurred in our country.

Abortions are done mostly for non-medical reasons. As the abortion industry itself admits on the website of the Alan Guttmacher Institute, "[T]hree-fourths say they cannot afford a child; three-fourths say that having a baby would interfere with work, school or the ability to care for dependents; and half say they do not want to be a single parent or are having problems with their husband or partner."

As the University of Detroit Law Review points out, "The Supreme Court's decisions…allowed abortion on demand throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy" (Paul B. Linton, Enforcement of State Abortion Statutes after Roe: A State-by-State Analysis, Vol. 67, Issue 2, Winter 1990).

Quotes from Abortion supporters

"...The abortion-rights folks know it, the anti-abortion folks know it, and so probably, does everyone else. One of the facts of abortion is that women enter abortion clinics to kill their fetuses. It is a form of killing're ending a life." Ron Fitzsimmons, Executive Director, National Coalition of Abortion Providers, New York Times, 26 February 1997

Dr. Fredrik Broekhuizen performs abortions and testified under oath in US District Court on April 5, 2004 about how he does abortions. The following describes legal activity: "I will then, while holding on to the fetus … try and ease those parts through the cervix … The fetus will either continue to come or will begin to break apart. It will break apart wherever or whatever it is. It may be in the middle of the leg, it may be at the abdomen, it may be at the chest…' (Planned Parenthood v. Ashcroft)

Other Suggested Activities to Stop Abortion

(Click here if you would like our help in getting more involved in the pro-life movement.)

1) Pray daily for an end to abortion. Join the ongoing novena to end abortion at Pray for women tempted to have abortions, for doctors and nurses, for legislators, for clergy, for those who work in the movement, and for those who do not realize how wrong abortion is. Form pro-life prayer teams or prayer groups in homes or parishes.

2) Read! Be more informed about abortion from such books as Abortion: Question and Answers, by Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Willke (Available from Hayes publishing 513-681-7559.)

3) Wear pink and blue ribbons as a sign of support for pre-born boys and girls. Put the ribbons on cars, trees, etc.

4) Wear the "Precious Feet" pin that shows the baby’s feet at 10 weeks after conception. (Order from Heritage House 1-800-858-3040,

5) Use pro-life pins, decals, envelopes, bumper stickers, T-shirts, posters, etc. (Order from Heritage House). Place posters and literature on public bulletin boards in supermarkets and other facilities.

6) Take part in First Amendment activities such as Life Chains (National Life Chain (CA), 530-671-5500), prayer vigils (Helpers of God’s Precious Infants (NY), 718-853-2789), literature distribution, pickets, and sidewalk counseling. Attend the Annual January 22 March for Life in Washington DC (202-Life-377). Place pro-life yard signs on your property.

7) Use checks which carry a pro-life message. Contact Promise Checks, 1-800-977-6647.

8) Send letters or articles to newspapers, to your elected officials, and other persons, institutions, and publications regarding respect for life. Have a group of people willing to sign letters that others write. For samples, visit

9) Speak up with courage and charity in defense of pre-born babies.

10) Encourage your priest, minister, or rabbi, to speak out against abortion. Priests for Life has resources (1-888-PFL-3448, ext. 237).

11) Book announced Masses for the intention of an end to abortion, and write such intentions on the prayer intention cards that various organizations may mail to you.

12) Take part in local projects and pro-life activities. For information, contact your parish or local pro-life group. Join in pro-life Scripture or rosary services or prayer groups.

13) Leave pro-life literature wherever you can: in public places, at restaurants, as inserts in the mail you send, on cars, etc. Give literature to friends. Send it also in prepaid business reply envelopes that come in the mail. Include it in cards you send for Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions.

14) Get on the mailing list of pro-life organizations. Donate to them. Volunteer for them. See links to many organizations on this website.

15) Find out whether candidates running for public office support abortion, and tell others. Send pro-abortion politicians the US Bishops' document "Living the Gospel of Life." Help with voter registration and distribution of voter guides. Become involved, as citizens, in political campaigns. Vote in such a way that will advance the protection of life.

16) Use paid advertising, in the Yellow pages and elsewhere, to spread pro-life information.

17) Encourage mothers who have been harmed by abortion to bring suits against the abortion industry. For advice, call 1-800-U-CAN-SUE (Legal Action for Women).

18) Donate pro-life books to your local libraries, schools, colleges, and Churches. Request such books at your libraries and bookstores.

19) Get pro-life programs onto local cable TV stations.

20) Promote adoption. For information, call the National Council For Adoption in Alexandria, VA (703-299-6633) or the Catholic Counseling Services at 1-800-BABY-DUE.

21) Publicize pro-life events that groups are holding.

22) Keep informed of national legislative efforts by calling the National Right to Life legislative hotline in Washington DC at 202-626-8800 x120. Visit

23) Fly the flag at half-mast in respect for the babies killed by abortion.

24) Conduct fundraising efforts for pro-life groups: car-washes, bake-sales, raffles, dinners, penny drives, etc.

25) Run a pro-life booth at fairs, rallies, conventions.

26) Establish a memorial stone to the preborn in a local cemetery or on Church grounds.

27) Do pro-life work on a full-time basis. Inquire at Priests for Life, 888-735-3448.

28) Do not use the terms, "going to be a mother (or father)", "expecting a child" or "a child on the way" when speaking of pregnancy. The child is already there in the womb!

29) Attend annual pro-life conventions, such as March for Life (202-LIFE-377) or National Right to Life (202-626-8800). Sponsor a student to attend such conferences. Recommend speakers to other groups and invite them to your community organizations.

30) Get to know reporters and producers in the media. Inform them. Call in to radio and TV talk shows, and ask questions of the pro-life speakers so as to give them more chance to talk.

31) Gather friends in your home and show pro-life videos, such as "Life Talk" from Life Dynamics (1-800-800-LIFE), the "Be Not Afraid" Holy Hours provided by the Apostolate for Family Consecration (Ohio) 800-77-FAMILY, or videos from Priests for Life (888-735-3448). Show these videos to your children's friends.

32) Do scholarly study and research.

33) In graduation ceremonies, include a remembrance of those who would have been graduating but were aborted.

34) Use the Internet to spread the message. Put a pro-life signature on your emails. Send pro-life messages to your email lists. Visit and learn from pro-life websites. Start a pro-life website.

35) For more ideas, see the books, Closed: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion (available through the Pro-Life Action League, 6160 N. Cicero Ave., Suite 600, Chicago, IL 60646, 773-777-2900,

Become a "Missionary of the Gospel of Life!" These are our lay associates of Priests for Life! Whatever pro-life work you do, you can do it in union with the Church. Join to learn and practice the spirituality of the pro-life movement. For more information visit


For free pro-life literature call 1-888-735-3448 x237


Priests for Life is an approved, national Catholic pro-life organization. Its goal is to equip priests, and deacons, and everyone in the Church to take a more vocal and active role in the pro-life movement. Priests for Life publishes a regular newsletter and offers a wide range of educational materials.

Want to keep up to date about abortion and the pro-life movement? You can join the more than 50,000 people who receive Fr. Frank's email commentary every two weeks. Just ask for it at

Contact Us

Priests for Life
PO Box 141172
Staten Island, NY 10314
Tel: 888-735-3448 or 718-980-4400
Fax: 718-980-6515

General Website:
Healing after Abortion: or
Visit us on You Tube at

Priests for Life speakers are ready to come to your parish!
Call us to arrange a visit! 1-888-735-3448 x258

Save lives by donating to our work!

Priests for Life is funded completely from committed individuals like you. Every dollar is used to save lives and educate the public. Donate online at, or send checks payable to "Priests for Life" to PO Box 141172, Staten Island, NY 10314

Father Frank A. Pavone
Father Frank A. Pavone is a priest of the Diocese of Amarillo, TX. He serves full-time as National Director of Priests for Life, traveling to an average of four states a week. Cardinal John O’Connor allowed him to begin this work in 1993. He has spoken in all 50 states and five continents, helping priests and others fight abortion. He produces TV and radio programs for EWTN, Vatican Radio, and numerous other outlets. His writings on pro-life topics are published worldwide. Mother Teresa asked him to speak in India on life issues, and he was invited to address the pro-life caucus of the United States House of Representatives. The Vatican appointed him to the Pontifical Council for the Family, which coordinates the pro-life activities of the Catholic Church. He received the Proudly Pro-life Award from the National Right to Life Committee. He is the President of the National Pro-life Religious Council, and the Chairman of the Board of Rachel's Vineyard, the largest ministry in the world for healing after abortion.
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What You Can Do to End Abortion
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