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 Why The Right To Life Trumps All

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PostSubject: Why The Right To Life Trumps All   Wed Nov 19, 2008 10:40 pm

Qualifer;for Catholics the right to life issue is a NON NEGOTIABLE.
Anotherwords, we can't say the right to life issue is important but all these other issues are more or equally important.

“But some issues concern ‘non-negotiable’ moral principles that do not admit of exception or compromise,” the guide continues. “One’s position either accords with those principles or does not. No one endorsing the wrong side of these issues can be said to act in accord with the church’s moral norms.

from Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics

The guide is not based upon opinion.The guide lays out the case against each of the five non-negotiable issues that it says Catholics must oppose, citing the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II’s 1995 encyclical Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life) and several other recent Vatican documents pertaining to the political responsibilities of Catholics.
There is no way to remain ignorant except by choosing to.
It's that clear.
The Church has written extensively on this issue and Pope Paul VI,John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI have reiterated this teaching over and over in CLEAR terms.
This has always been the teaching of the Church-Nancy Pelosi couldn't have been more wrong.
The world has a mistaken notion of what human freedom is.
Now that said about the teachings of the Catholic Church and the obligation Catholics have-what about the rest of our society?

The Declaration of Independence says this:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…"

Self evident. We ought to be able to discern these truths.
They are NOT given to us by government. If you hand this over to government then you give government the power to take those away.
Government is formed to SECURE those rights.
Without this you get governments like the communist of Soviet Union,China,Cuba etc. Without this you get facist governments like Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy or the theocracies of the Middle East.
Tread carefully-because once we get even a hair closer you get that much closer and eventually you lose your democracy and republic.

You decide that government is not intended to secure those rights then it can take them away as it sees fit and you will have no say in it.Although you believe giving the government that power gives you the power.
History shows otherwise.You will never get it back.

The right to life is what ALL rights are based upon.Liberty and pursuit don't mean a thing if you're not permitted to live to have them.
Slavery did that. It said this group is less than human. These are objects who have no rights-they're no more than pieces of chattel to be bought and sold,beaten and hung. Even their families didn't matter-husband,wife,children.All separated if their 'owners' decided they could be sold one way or another.Slavery was destructive to the family as well as individuals. Unfortunately ppl decided that government should not secure those rights-they ignored the very words i just quoted.All men are created equal endowed by their Creator.
Life is priceless.These lives had a price put on them and it was determined that they were worth only as much as their 'owners' said they were.
There couldn't have been anything more unjust in our country than slavery and the fruits of slavery weren't much better.Racism, segregation, second class citizenry.

We must go back to that basic principle we ought to have lived by then and now:
inalienable rights given by the Creator beginning and founded upon LIFE.
It's why we put out amber alerts.It's why we have traffic lights and stop signs.
It's why we spent days,hours,sweat and tears digging for little Jessica.
It's why the firefighters raced into the twin towers.
It's why our military doesn't leave the bodies of their fallen on the battlefield.
It's why we can look at Kim Jong Il in N.Korea and determine that it's cruel and morally wrong to let your own ppl starve to death and die on the street.
It's why we're horrified at such a government and don't consider it legitimate.

Yet we hear ppl say they are pro choice and we'd be taking away a woman's "right to choose."

The truth is they are pro abortion and this argument about a right to choose is flawed terribly.

ALL of us have a right to choose.Each day we get up we make all kinds of choices.
It is precisely because we are endowed with the rights to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness that we are able to make these choices.
We can choose all kinds of things.
We can choose to buy a gun and rob a bank.
We can choose to donate to charity.
We can choose to eat oatmeal for breakfast or we can choose to have toast and jelly.
We can choose to go to work-we can choose to stay home and lose a days wages.If we do it often enough we can lose our job.
We can choose to steal the neighbors car-or buy one.
We can choose to stay faithful to our spouse or commit adultery.We can choose to stay married and we can choose to get divorced.
Every single day of our lives is based upon choices and those choices have consequences.
If i choose to commit armed robbery i could end up in prison.If i kill someone while i'm doing it i could get life.
IF i choose to skip work i could lose my job.
If i choose to commit adultery i could destroy my marriage and even become pregnant.
If i choose to eat a whole box of doughnuts instead of one every day i could end up being obese with a host of health problems.
You get the picture.
A woman can choose to have an abortion but what is she choosing?
She is choosing to have her unborn baby killed.
I'd be willing to go as far as to say a woman who does this isn't because she feels she has a choice-killing your own baby is the unthinkable-but because she feels she DOESN'T have one.
We're not trying to take away anyone's right to choose.We ALL have that right and we exercise that right every single day sometimes without even being aware we're thinking through these choices.
Saying that we're taking away a woman's "right to choose" is a smoke screen.
It's a way to say ;look at these pro life ppl they don't care about a woman's rights.Not a one of us has the right to take the life of the innocent deliberately.Anymore than we had the right to determine that ppl of color were property.

This has nothing to do with taking away women's rights.This is,bottom line,protecting the right to life of the unborn.
This is not forcing a woman to be pregnant.She already iS pregnant.
Killing the unborn and saying a woman is no longer pregnant is the same thinking as killing a child and saying the woman is no longer a mother.Or killing my spouse and saying I'm no longer married.

Then ppl argue;well it's her body.

I have one of those;a body.
One of the organs in this body could end up being a problem and the doctor could tell me this has to be removed.
Appendix for instance.So i have my appendix removed.
Or it could be cancer and he'd recommend a nastectomy.He surgically removes that part of my body.
This is not the same as an embryo/fetus.
First of al, until and unless i conceive there is no embryo/fetus.
An embryo/fetus is not part of my body.This is not an organ-this is not part of my body such as a breast.The fetus and embryo are just not there.I do not come with an embryo/fetus/zygote.

.I could have a tumor and have that tumor removed.
An embryo/fetus is not classified as a tumor.

A tumor or tumour is the name for a swelling or lesion formed by an abnormal growth of cells.A neoplasm is an abnormal proliferation of tissues, usually caused by genetic mutations. Most neoplasms cause a tumor, with a few exceptions like leukemia or carcinoma in situ.

An embryo is s a multicellular diploid eukaryote in its earliest stage of development, from the time of first cell division until birth, hatching, or germination. In humans, it is called an embryo from the moment of implantation until the end of the 8th week.After that the embryo is called a fetus.

In organisms that reproduce sexually, once a sperm fertilizes an egg cell, the result is a cell called the zygote that has all the DNA of two parents.

An embryo/fetus/zygote is NOT a tumor.

An embryo/fetus/zygote is NOT an organ ie kidney,gallbladder or appendix.

Human parents reproduce a human.
I could punch a woman in the abdomen if she were pregnant and kill the baby.This would be an assault on the woman but it would result in the death of her baby.Whatever stage of development the baby was at-zygote,embryo or fetus.
Life is a continuum.
We ALL start out the same way.
My life didn't begin any differently than yours.

What we have committed by making this as legal as slavery is genocide.
Abortion mills are predominately placed in minority-African American-communities.
Abortion is so rare we have had 4 million plus abortions to date since Roe V Wade.It has destroyed more African Americans babies than white.
It's the MOST common 'surgical' procedure in the United States.
Adoption is REAL choice. So to say pro life ppl are anti choice is verbal engineering.
So to say pro life ppl are anti woman is verbal engineering.
Many programs to help women/teen girls have been instituted by pro life ppl.
If you want me to list those i'd be glad to.
Show me one program that Planned Parenthood(an oxymoron) has set up to help women/teens if they choose not to abort their babies.
Let's be real honest about the mo of Planned Parenthood.We can go there.
The bottom line is this;
we are endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights and the first and foundation of any other right IS the right to life.Period.When you give that up you are going down one dangerous path.Eventually the line is moved to YOU.A government that doesn't believe this or doesn't think it matters anymore is not going to care about you or anyone.

It's exactly what happened when slavery was 'legal.'It didn't make the choice to have,keep and use a human being as a slave the right choice.We couldn't argue;well that's their choice.
Some ppl did and we ended up in civil war-a divided country-- and we're still facing its fruit today;racism.
Maybe we are now again a divided country?

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Why The Right To Life Trumps All
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