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 just some basics:INSERTING A VIDEO

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PostSubject: just some basics:INSERTING A VIDEO   Fri Nov 28, 2008 11:36 am

hope this is helpful to ppl who have never used a forum before.

Most of the icons are similiar to ones we use writing an email.
Bold,italiac,strike through and links.
The quotes are used here as well.

To embed a you tube (or other video)there is a red f icon(next to the link icon).
Click that.The red f means flash.

In the url bar put the url of the you tube(or other video)
the 2 small boxes are for width and height.
For you tube this is almost always 425 and 344 respectively

So the url for one of Fr Frank's videos for instance would be

you can find this in the embed script.It's called the value.

Then in the 2 small boxes you would put 425 and 344

It would turn out like this:

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just some basics:INSERTING A VIDEO
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