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 forums. everything you need to know(unless i forgot something)

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PostSubject: forums. everything you need to know(unless i forgot something)   Fri Nov 28, 2008 11:53 am

forums are broken down into seperate categories and forums.No worry about the category here.We really only have one;iTHE MAIN.Everything takes places in this section.The archive category isn't used much except to 'prune' topics eventually. However, you can use it to test things if you like.
Of course the topics all go under different titles.
DISCUSSION for discussions or info.The ACTIVISM section will be for what we can do. Pro Life groups can be any group a member knows of that is pro life. AMEN is a special section. Etc.
Judge for yourself which section would be best suited for what you want to post.
ALL your discussions,comments,,replies are posted there.

Each forum has New Topic and Reply.
When you have a topic or comment you want to post just use the New Topic.

Add reply is self explanatory.

We're also SUPPOSED to have a quick reply but for some reason it's not showing up.I'll be checking w/ the support forum and asking about this glitch.

You can edit and delete your own posts.

You can also use your own AVATAR here as well as your own signature.

Scroll down until you see AVATAR and/or SIG

The avatar will appear with your username on each post automatically.
As for the sig-you will have to check mark the box below your new topic or reply that says ADD SIGNATURE.

At the top of our forum you will see the CHAT room.
This is the same chat we have for several other forums such as our Catholic Pillar and Foundation.The reason we use this is because the code works almost anywhere.

We have applied for a CHAT room to be used for this forum so it can have it's own seperate chat but PULPCHAT-the company that provides PULPCHAT-has such a long waiting list we are going to use the one we have the code for already.
It's a free chat and the best out there.It's worth the wait;but we can use this one till then.

PULPCHAT shows users online.
It is PRIVATE.Anotherwords if you see so and so online in the chat then it's someone from the forum.It shows how many users are in the room.IF you spot someone-feel free to jump in!!

You can use the forum username if you like or make one up.
You don't necessarily need a password to get in.BUT if you use one be sure and use the same password for that particular username you used.

I just use names like p4p2 and NO password.
Keeps it simple.(especially since i have this habit of forgetting passwords as soon as i create them.)

Your posts (topics or comments as we also call them)will show the forum in which they are posted at the top of the post.
When you post in a forum(IE AMEN or THE HOW 2's etc)that is where that comment will go. And you can check if you're not sure.
FOR INSTANCE;This one says People of Life::Main::The How 2's.

The PORTAL is just an entrance page. It has information related to the forum.
You can bookmark from there, get an rss feed,check out the affiliates etc.
There are also some images there you may want to use.Just upload them to your own computer.

Trying to think if i've missed anything....not off hand.But if you have a question or i've confused you even more don't be afraid to ask a question.Or put in a suggestion we could consider.Anything to make this as convenient for you as we possibly can.We're open to ideas.
Once you've been around awhile and get the hang of it you will see how ez it really is!!!

God Bless,

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forums. everything you need to know(unless i forgot something)
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