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 why do Catholics vote pro abortion candidates?

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PostSubject: why do Catholics vote pro abortion candidates?   Tue Dec 02, 2008 10:47 am

Why do Catholics vote pro abortion candidates when the teaching of the Church is clear?

what can we do? It's very upsetting to those of us who are Catholic.
Also,what about Dems who are pro life but vote their own pro abortion candidates? What can we do about this?
We know that the platform of the Dem party is pro abortion yet they have(at least must have)some pro life voters-still they vote their own candidates.
Are they trying to have the platform changed?
What CAN we do?!!!
Should we have an outreach to both these groups?

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PostSubject: Re: why do Catholics vote pro abortion candidates?   Wed Dec 03, 2008 6:43 pm

First and foremost, we need to bring about a greater outreach of prayer. Only through the Mercy of God can hearts be open to even hear the truth.

I too, am very saddened by what is happening in our nation and our Church. I guess you could call it lukewarmness or acedia (spiritual sloth). Many souls are clueless to the state of their consciences and only God's Mercy can bring truth to their hearts! We must pray!

We are called, in these dark times, to be bolder in speaking the truth. How this will be carried about? Only God in His Infinite Wisdom knows the answer. We must trust Him!

I think showing pictures, discussing what is going on, showing videos and witnessing in that way is greatly successful when we do it combined with prayer, fasting and sacrifice.

My husband reminded me this evening that the anxiety and distress that has taken over my heart since the elections is not healthy. We can only do so much in our limited human strength, we must allow God to bring about the change. Change we need! Yes, and only with God!

Our Lord needs us to turn to Him in all humility and ask for help! We can do nothing without Him. I am glad that you shared about the vigil coming up on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This is very appropriate, as she is with child! She is our refuge in these very dark times!

I think, as a group, whether Catholic or non-Catholic, we should strive to pray, fast and do penance. Make sacrifices in little things!

St. Theresa of Avila would say to the nuns, "Jesus is in the pots and pans." We can save hearts, by doing things that displease us and give it to God as a sacrifice.

Maybe there will be people who cannot do the part of prayer and sacrifice, but be the ones to bring about materials. We can unite together, like a team!

I am sure that there are many who suffer. There cross would be a great prayer and offering for these souls who are so confused.

We can get the job done, through God's Mercy and offer the gifts, the crosses He has blessed us with!

I am hopeful!

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why do Catholics vote pro abortion candidates?
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